Royal White Latex Free Polypropylene Beard Protector, Package of 100 (RBP1M-IN)


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This economical Polypropylene Beard Protector features breathable spun bond material which easily slips on and holds on to its place with a comfortable elastic back. It is perfect for use in food processing facilities, institutional foodservices, pharmaceutical settings and lab environments. This beard protector in white is latex free and has been designed to provide effective particulate barrier protection all day long. It comes made from high quality polypropylene.

POLYPROPYLENE CONSTRUCTION: An economic and effective choice, these beard protectors are made from polypropylene. They are lightweight, breathable and made without latex. A great option for anyone who has latex allergies.
MINIMIZE THE RISK of having hair fall into food while cooking or serving. These beard protectors help keep facial hair out of the food. Can also be used in any environment where preventing contamination is necessary.
BREATHABLE: These beard protectors are lightweight, and breathable. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and easy to slip on.
DISPOSABLE: These beard protectors are designed to be a one-time use item. Using a fresh beard net with each use is an easy way to promote safe and sanitary work practices.
CREATE SANITARY AND SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENTS: Using hair and beard protectors is an easy way to create a more sanitary work environment. These are perfect for work areas where hair protection is encouraged or required. Can be used in restaurants, food production facilities, healthcare facilities and more.


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