Odyssey (The WiRE Series for Men)


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Modern men are experiencing unprecedented levels of angst and anxiety. We’re frustrated, stressed, burned out, and bored. We turn to work and wealth, busyness and distraction, alcohol and drugs and pornography. But none of it works. Because only one thing will bring us the joy, peace, purpose, and significance we desire: a relationship with the God of heaven. An intimate relationship, one that is real and true.
But for that kind of relationship, we must embark on a journey to encounter Him personally.
In his new book Odyssey, Justin Camp offers a practical, scriptural field guide for men who are ready to walk this ancient path. The book is built around six short biographies, real-life stories of great American astronauts. These nano-histories will engage readers’ curiosity and inspire them to undertake epic quests of their own.
This book is for scouts and prospectors, for explorers and pilgrims. It is for men who want to experience more and a better life than any of us ever thought possible.

From the Publisher

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The Adventure Begins Now

Odyssey is built around the remarkable stories of six real-life NASA astronauts from the mid-century Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs.

Designed to inspire you in your own epic quest for peace and joy.

Let the spiritual adventure begin.

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Encounter the God of Heaven

When you accept God’s love, you get up in the morning with more enthusiasm, energy, and joy. You go to bed with more contentment and peace. Knowing God and accepting His love strengthens you, lessens fear, gives you energy and focus. Odyssey is your spiritual field guide to embracing the relationship that God designed you for.

John EldridgeJohn Eldridge

What Others Are Saying

“This book is beautifully written, surprising in simplicity, utterly profound. Great stories, deep truths, and that ever-elusive how. I highly recommend it.”

John Eldredge, president of Ransomed Heart Ministries, New York Times bestselling author of Wild at Heart and Get Your Life Back

Jerry RossJerry Ross

What Others Are Saying

“Odyssey offers us a map for this kind of journey. The astronauts profiled in Odyssey are men I know and have known, and the book captures the very sights and sounds of their heroic stories. But Odyssey is also extremely practical and helpful; the exercises offered will awaken wonder and launch you into your own journey. It is a must-read for men yearning to move beyond their current circumstances and embark on the journey of a lifetime.”

Jerry Ross, Retired US Air Force Colonel, member of the US Astronaut Hall of Fame, author of Spacewalker

Kenny LuckKenny Luck

What Others Are Saying

“Odyssey is going to reintroduce you to what you already know intuitively—that a safe life is a wasted life. In fact, it is the unsafe spiritual life that God is calling us into. Step away from the shore, get into the boat and dive into Odyssey. It’s time to start living the way you were created to live as a man.”

Kenny Luck, founder of Every Man Ministries, award-winning author of twenty-three books for men, including Dangerous Good and Risk

Tom RitcheyTom Ritchey

What Others Are Saying

“God brings me into alignment with truth. Gently, he encourages me to get right with my fellow man. To be open to failure. To fix the things that aren’t lined up in my life. To get unstuck. And to dream about what’s beyond. Riding brings me into oneness with someone of infinite wisdom, someone who loves me with infinite love. Odyssey will help you find your own adventure. And out there, you’ll find him too.”

Tom Ritchey, avid adventurer and legendary builder of bike frames, inventor of the first production mountain bike, founder of Project Rwanda

John EldridgeJohn Eldridge

John Eldredge

Jerry RossJerry Ross

Jerry Ross

Kenny LuckKenny Luck

Kenny Luck

Tom RitcheyTom Ritchey


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