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Product Description

Purelite KitchenwarePurelite Kitchenware

Dark Bottles of Olive OilDark Bottles of Olive Oil


Dark Colored Bottles

Have you ever noticed that some of the best olive oil brands almost always come in dark colored bottles? That’s because oil deteriorates more rapidly when exposed to sunlight. Keeping oil away from heat will also help to prevent rancidity.

Glass vs Plastic

Avoid storing oil in plastic containers because chemicals from the plastic can seep into the oil. Glass is preferred as it is easier to clean and is chemical free. The only disadvantage with glass is that it can break. That is why we invented the use of protective film to prevent the glass from shattering. The film helps to keep the glass pieces from spreading wide for greater safety and easier cleanups.

Air Fryer - Sprays an even coat of oil onto food for a crispier coating when air frying.Air Fryer - Sprays an even coat of oil onto food for a crispier coating when air frying.


Fill with Oil

Fill with Oil

Pump it Up

Pump it Up

Spray and hand wash

Spray and hand wash

Fill with Oil

Fill to the “Maximum Fill Line” with your favorite vegetable cooking oils such as canola, olive or grape seed oil.

Pump It Up

Raise and lower the cap to pump up the bottle about 30 times or until resistance is felt. Air pressure inside the bottle allows for the oil to be sprayed.


Push down on spray nozzle with index finger 6 to 8 inches away from the pan. Spray in a circular pattern at an angle to make sure it is fully covered.

A bottle brush may be used to clean the bottle. Afterwards, fill with warm, soapy water and spray out to clean the nozzle. Refill with clean water and spray until empty. Repeat if necessary.

Olive Oil DispenserOlive Oil Dispenser

Add both the Purelite Olive Oil Dispenser and our Continuous Spray Bottle to Your Shopping Cart and Get 10% OFF at check out.

Purelite Cooking Oil SprayerPurelite Cooking Oil Sprayer


Continuous Spray: Sprays like an aerosol can, but more economical.Wide Mouth Bottle: Large opening for easier pours without funnels. Easier to clean too!Oil Filter: Built in oil filter helps to eliminate clogs by straining out larger particles before it enters the tube.Safety Film: Durable, scratch resistant safety films helps to prevent the bottle from shattering. An important safety feature for areas with hard floors, such as kitchens.UV Protection: The dark color of the film also helps to block out harmful UV light from damaging the oil, yet translucent enough to see the liquid level inside.

Width: 2.25″

Height: 7″

Liquid Volume: 4 oz

Weight: 10 ounces

FINE MIST SPRAY: Our easy to use refillable Cooking Oil Spray Bottle coats pans with a thin, even coat of your favorite vegetable oil, such as avocado or grapeseed. Much like the spray of an aerosol, but using air pressure instead, for a low cost alternative to oil spray cans such as Pam.
SAFETY: The bottle is made of BPA Free, food safe glass for better storage and to prevent chemicals from leaching into the oils as with plastic containers. To keep sunlight from breaking down cooking oils, our unique, patent pending dark film has been applied to keep UV rays from penetrating the glass and spoiling the oil, it also helps to keep the glass from shattering when dropped, for greater safety and easier cleanups. Tile kitchen floors and slippery oils makes this a must have feature.
CONVENIENT: Wide Mouth Bottle for Easy Pouring (without funnels) and Easy Cleaning. Baby bottle brushes may be used to wash and clean the inside of the bottle. Prevent clogs with the mesh screen filter at the end of the feeding tube. For added convenience, we have added measurement lines to see how much oil is left before a refill is needed.
MANY USES: Not only can it dispense oils for no stick and no scratch cooking, it can also be used to spray directly onto bbq meats and vegetables. Spray baking pans for a non stick finish. Fill it with vinegar to spritz salads for a healthy dressing. Add fresh herbs to your oils for a flavorful seasoning. Don’t worry, the filter will prevent clogs.
GUARANTEED: Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. Our superb quality assurance makes sure only the best passes our stringent standards. Our equally superb customer service will make sure you are happy with your purchase. If for any reason the bottle is not performing as expected, we will replace it immediately for free. We are confidant that you will absolutely love your new oil sprayer.


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